Prefeminist Artist Of The Month: Earl Moran

The Prefeminist Artist for March is . . . Earl Moran!


  1. What a selection! We've got a whole passel of snappin' dames, all partaking in the usual amusements of the fifties: painting, telephoning each other, serving drinks in uniforms that violate airline regulations, sailing, wrapping their naked bodies in cellophane, and shooting to kill! Wow. Cody Whitmore was screwed up, but who's complaining? AMIRITE?!

  2. Yes, it is. Blissfully so. By the way, I'm the same female abomination that you asked to stop slinging tampons recently. I also commented on your Wife Loyalty Test post, pleading for dragon-slaying equality-Third Wave knighthood, if you will.

    And yet here we are, both agreeing that nothing is sexier that a woman aping Rembrandt whilst dressed in a giant Quality Street wrapper. We're more alike than you think, sir, and we should both consider that carefully.

    P.S. Please explain-what does that particular lady mean by "chassis"?

  3. Some great drawings there
    Very erotic..